Saturday, May 30, 2015

Moving on to a REAL Farm in 3 Weeks In Jump River WI

Wow, 3 weeks and I'll be living it up farming almost full time.  Maybe I will find a sane person to join in the fun to help.  I have an extra bedroom in the house I'm moving in and if I can talk someone into sharing rent with me I can go whole hog (I just had to do it!lol) on my farming projects and not look back!  It's exciting!!  I will have a fully functioning barn, garage and rabbit/duck house.  What should we call the duck/rabbit house?  duckbit? rabuck? The Duck Palace and Rabbit Ménage à trois?? (that is f'in perfect since I will be starting out with a buck and two does!!!).  Hahahahahahaha!!!!

I'm so excited to start this adventure!!!!  Wheeee!  I will be close enough to get the kids easily, but just far enough.  :)  Go me!!!

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