Wednesday, July 22, 2015

2015 Garden

 I realized today that I haven't harvested from my own garden since 2009!! Crazy!  I've started plenty of gardens over the years, but had to move several times right in the middle of the season or at least before a good harvest.  So, plenty of people have had the benefit of my gardens except for me.  Well, its about time!
 This year I have just a small plot to use, but next year the bigger plot will be ready.  I will take pictures probably this weekend when I move the pigs into that area. :)
 Here is my first hot pepper.  It is a Tunisian Baklouti Pepper. Not sure how to use it yet.  I'm sure we will figure it out.
 My first time growing celery.  I need to read about tying it and do that soon.

My favorite cherry tomato, Isis candy ,yum. May I have some tomatoes in my salad in the next week.

 Oregano and Tam Jalapenos.
 My beautiful comfrey.   I need to make more salve soon.
 My first experience with ground cherries. I will report how it goes.
Our raspberry patch.  More picking to do.
This is as much as the kids would let me pick.  They ate at least one of these cups between the two of them.

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