Friday, July 24, 2015


We have pigs and I think I'm going to try to talk Steve into calling them Twig and Berry or Barry (hey, we could be nice about it ya know). lol If you don't already know, you'll understand in a minute. :P The black one is a Large Black/blue butt cross (hamp/yorky cross) and the spotted is a tamworth/berkshire cross.  We have landed!!
 The Large Blacks are a very laid back breed I am finding out.  Leslie from the farm that I got them from just raves about their personality and temperament. These are two boars by the way, less stressful not to cut them, plus they grow a bit faster. This will really show us the temperament of both breeds for future reference if we want to get into breeding down the road.
 He's thinking about it.

 Checking out their digs.
 Fighting over water.

And..uh...Berry/Barry? showing us his one and only descended berry.

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